Therapeutic Add-Ons

These therapeutic services are perfect for adding on to any Massage or Spa Therapy Treatment and are not meant as stand-alone services.

Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment

This all in one intensive treatment gloves contain Shea Butter, Glycerin, Vitamin E and Almond Oil to promote deep moisturizing, anti-aging benefits and softening of the skin. Combine this with our heated mitts leaving your hands silky smooth. This is the perfect add-on to your favorite Massage or Spa Therapy.
$15 | Combined with Intensive Foot Treatment

Intensive Moisturizing Foot Treatment

This all in one intensive treatment booties contain Shea Butter, Glycerin, Almond Oil and Vitamin E to promote deep moisturizing action and the antimicrobial concentrated formula reduces callous build up. Combine this with our heated booties leaving your feet silky smooth. This is a perfect add-on to your favorite Massage or Spa Therapy.
$15 | Combined with Intensive Hand Treatment

Sweet Cream, Sweet Dream Hand Treatment

This hand treatment uses the products from Farmhouse Fresh. It begins with gentle exfoliation using a micro-dermabrasion cream. Next a honey glaze mask is applied followed by hot mitts for 15 minutes. The treatment ends with a relaxing hand massage using our Sweat Cream Body Milk.

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

This massage uses the highest quality sesame oil combined with one of our high quality Young Living Essential Oil. The oil is poured onto the third eye, forehead area between the eyes, and worked into the scalp. Gentle and relaxing strokes on the face and scalp for approximately 20 minutes followed by a hot towel wrap on the head and hair to allow for deeper penetration of the oil.
20 minutes | $25

Fancy Feet

This treatment combines the same great essential oils of Raindrop Therapy with the Therapeutic value of Reflexology. Feel the benefits of nine different essential oils worked into the reflex points of the feet using the vita flex technique. Enjoy the deep relaxation of Massage and Reflexology.
30 minutes | $45

Abdominal Massage- for Women Only

Gentle, soothing abdominal massage using Young Living "Dragon Time" Essential Oil Blend. Combines clary sage, lavender, yarrow, fennel, marjoram, and jasmine- the perfect choice for women's emotions during special times and needs. Helps relieve discomforts during a women's monthly cycle. Recommended for young and mature women.
15 minutes | $20

Hot Oil Head & Neck Treatment

This treatment combines the Ayurvedic Scalp Massage with a complete neck and shoulder massage.

  • Heavenly Hydration - uses Young Living "Citrus Fresh" to increase mental clarity
  • Restful Relaxation - uses Young Living "Peace & Calming" or Lavender to provide powerful calming benefits
  • Sinus Relief - uses Young Living "Pan Away" which contains peppermint, wintergreen and clove to relieve sinus congestion & headaches

30 minutes | $45

Neuro-Auricular Technique

This treatment centers around the entire neck and shoulder area. Top quality Young Living Essential Oils: Deep Relief, Frankincense, Stress Away, Valor, and RutaVala are applied at the base of the head (occipital ridge) down the cervical spine and across the shoulders (trapezius muscle) to reduce stress and increase relaxation. After the oils are applied, a moist heating pad is applied to allow deeper penetration and relax the muscles. Perfect for those extra tense shoulders or to relieve headaches.
25 minutes | $50