Spa Therapy Packages

These packages are some of our favorite services that work well in combination with each other to create that perfect treatment either in-home or our office suite. Our goal is always to offer quality therapeutic services to the client and we will gladly work with you to offer you a custom package that suits your individual needs. Please give us a call to discuss and plan that perfect treatment plan. Please check out our specific treatment packages also on the Raindrop Technique and Hot Stone Therapy Page.

Bring the Spa Home 

This package is a combination of our 4-Layer Massage Facial and our Aromatherapy Massage. The treatment begins face up with the massage facial and is followed by gentle Aromatherapy and Swedish massage to create that perfect escape. Guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.
90 minutes | $190
In-Home or Office Visit

Ultimate Herbal Detox Ritual

This treatment is a full-body total detox!
Surrender to this deeply detoxifying herbal remedy and experience the energy on inner cleansing. Tamarind and cucumber extracts are combined with sweet orange and lemongrass essential oils in a gentle scrub that purifies and softens skin. Then the steamed organic herbal poultice is applied directly to the body using a variety of techniques to ease muscles and detoxify. A rich contouring mask with ginger to promote the removal of toxic wastes and spiraling to invigorate the metabolism is applied to the whole body. For 10-12 minutes, the client is comfortably wrapped to intensify the detox process. During this time the client will receive a soothing "Mind Clearing" and scalp massage. Warm towels are used to remove any excess mask that was not absorbed. Finally, a spicy blend of black pepper, clove bud, and kaffir lime essential oils is massaged into the skin to lessen water retention, help fight against cellulite, eliminate toxins and increase lymphatic drainage, while rice bran and Vitamin E feeds the skin with essential nutrients.
120 minutes | $220
Office Visit Only

Sweet Cream, Sweet Dreams Foot Treatment

This treatment uses the well renowned Farm House Fresh Products. It begins with a soothing foot soak in a Nectar Milk Bath, followed by Sweet Cream Scrub to remove dead skin. Next enjoy a Honey Heel Glaze Mask applied to the lower leg and feet to nourish and moisturize. The treatment ends with a relaxing foot massage and reflexology treatment using Sweet Cream Body Milk.
60 minutes | $115
Office Visit Only

Sweet Cream, Sweet Dreams Back Treatment

This treatment uses the well renowned Farm House Fresh Products. It begins face up with a neck and shoulder massage using Sweet Cream Body Milk. Next the client turns over and the treatment continues with a gentle Sweet Cream Scrub on the back to remove dead skin followed by hot towels. Next a Honey Glaze Mask is applied and left on for 15 minutes. A moist heating pad is gently placed on the back as you relax and unwind with a scalp and foot massage. The treatment ends with warm towels to remove the mask and a relaxing back massage with Sweet Cream Body Milk. Your skin will feel amazing!
60 minutes | $115
Office Visit Only

The Ultimate Thai Poultice Treatment Combo

This treatment combines both the Full Body Thai Herbal Poultice Massage & the Restorative Herbal Thai Poultice Massage Facial. This 2 Hour session is a complete treatment leaving your body with a feeling of overall calm and tranquility. This is truly the most restorative treatment we offer!
120 minutes | $210
Office Visit Only