Hot Stone Therapy & Massage

Hot Stone Therapy & Massage melts away muscle tension, relieves stress, and increases circulation. Through the placement of smooth, water heated stones placed on key points on the body, hot stone massage therapy creates a more intense and deeper sense of relaxation. Therapeutic Touch by Kim has two treatments to choose from, The Sea of Cortez Body Revival, and Hot Stone & Aromatherapy Massage. Each treatment is very unique.

Sea of Cortez Body Revival

This unique treatment begins face down as a warm Manuka Skin Oil blend combined with Jojoba, Sandalwood, & Macadamia Oil, is gently poured down the spine and massaged in with heated stones. Eight heated stones are placed along the spine and the treatment continues with gentle massage on the legs. The stones are removed, the client turns over and the rich warm Manuka Oil Blend is massaged in with heated stones to the arms and hands. Hot stones are placed along the collar bone, below the navel, on the thighs, and in each hand. At this point the Hydra Dew facial begins with a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, relaxing and invigorating massage, and a deeply hydrating and cool mask, leaving your skin feeling firm and hydrated. While the mask is on, the treatment continues with a gentle leg and foot massage, again using hot stones & our rich Manuka Oil. This treatment ends with the removal of the mask and a relaxing scalp massage. The Sea of Cortez Body Revival will leave you Renewed, Relaxed, & Recharged! Excellent for dry, itchy and dehydrated skin!
90 minutes | $190

Hot Stone Massage & Aromatherapy is a great combination. This 90 minute treatments are different from the Sea of Cortez. They combine pure essential oils mixed with a carrier oil and combined with hot stones. These treatments are perfect for those clients who do not want a facial but still want the benefits of hot stones therapy.

Sports Blend

To relieve muscle tension associated with an active lifestyle Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wintergreen, & Cajeput. Both Blends are mixed with a Nut Free Oil to allow for easy absorption through the skin. The treatment begins with the client face up. A comforting eye pillow is placed across the client's eyes and warm stones are placed on key relaxation points. As the treatment continues, pure essential oils are diffused into the air. The soothing oils are absorbed through inhalation allowing the client to go deeper into relaxation. Next the arms, hands, legs, and feet are massaged with warm oils and hot stones allowing the client to unwind. Gentle facial and scalp massage end this half of the treatment. The client turns over and hot stones are placed along the spine. Gentle massage continues on the legs and bottom of the feet. The final step to the Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage is the ultimate back massage. Feel the gentle heat of the heated stones as your tension melts away.
90 minutes | $160

Tranquil Blend

To soothe and calm your mind. Lavender, Rosemary, Clary Sage, & Palmarosa.
90 minutes | $160