Ear Candling

Do you suffer from sinus problems, sore throat, earache, swimmers ear, chronic headaches, allergies or hearing difficulties?

Candling is a natural ear healing technique that began centuries ago by ancient Egyptians. Originally it was used for purification prior to or as part of ancient rites of initiation. Ear Candling was used to assist in opening the body's spiritual centers, thus cleansing the spiritual body through the physical. It is still believed today by some that the ear candling process can break up blockages in the subtle energy systems and the subconscious where repressed emotions and memories can lie.

Today the ear candling process is being used to help certain conditions such as sinus conditions, headaches, swimmers ear, and hearing difficulties. Using a hollow waxed cloth candle, the practitioner gently places the candle into the ear. There is no discomfort to the person receiving the treatment. In fact, most clients feel a sense of relaxation and often drift in and out of sleep. The opposite end of the candle is lit, causing a vacuum effect. The candle being used is not your typical candle and does not drip wax. As the candle slowly burns down, the practitioner continuously removes the excess as old earwax is drawn up into the candle. Once the candle has burned down to 3-4 inches, it is removed from the ear. A second candle may be necessary in order to complete the process. After the first ear is completed the client turns over so that the process may be repeated on the other ear.

Ear Candling can be used on any age but should not be used with children with ear tubes or people with ruptured eardrums, and may not be advisable to those with over sensitive ears. It is also advised that a trained practitioner perform the process. Such practitioner may be a massage therapist, an herbalist, a medical assistant, a cosmetologist or esthetician.

Kimberly Redfern begins her ear candling treatment with a sinus drainage massage using various techniques such as gentle effleurage, shiatsu and craniosacral therapy. This combination of techniques assists in the clearing of any sinus congestion leading to a more favorable outcome to the total treatment. Total treatment time for ear candling is one hour. However, ear candling can be combined with massage therapy to extend the treatment time. Often times a client will also be experiencing neck, shoulder or upper back tension so an additional 30 minutes to address those issues is recommended. By releasing those tense areas, often times the client will have longer lasting results with the ear candling.

Ear Candling | $90
Ear Candling plus 30 Minutes of Neck, Shoulder, & Upper Back Massage | $135
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